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Tips & Tricks to make your Minecraft life better!

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So I will simply make a list of tips and tricks that I use when I play Minecraft.
Add your own if you have any!

1. You get logs faster if you punch 3 logs, craft a workbench and axe, and continue cutting.

2. A two block high ceiling is better than a three block high ceiling, because:
-a. Farlanders/Endermen can't get in, being three blocks high.
-b. People can't jump on top of furniture.
-c. People and skeletons have to be much closer to you, because the arrows migt ht the ceiling.
-d. No one jumps in the air like an idiot.
-e. Spider jockeys can't get in without the skeleton suffocating in the ceiling.

3. Re-clicking the mouse when digging/mining/cutting is faster than simply holding the mouse down.

4. Clicking very fast with a sword/bow is faster than holding down the mouse.

5. When you are attacking a creeper, charge at it and attack. It's bomb timer is reset every time you hit it.

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