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Straight Tunnel Mining Program [for ComputerCraft mining turtles]

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Server Moderator
Server Moderator
Hi guys
I wrote a mining program for the ComputerCraft turtle.


  • mines a straight, 1 wide, 3 high tunnel for a specified distance
  • can detect whether it has enough fuel to finish its job, and it will go back to the start and ask for more fuel if it doesn't
  • tells you how much extra fuel you need to put in
  • checks whether its inventory is full and will empty its contents into a chest if it is
  • also checks if said chest is full
  • will not destroy torches

However it won't place its own torches, so you'll have to sort that out by yourself.

This is useful for:

  • Mining straight tunnels
  • Mining straight tunnels in the nether without being attacked by zombie pigmen
  • Mining straight tunnels in the nether without dropping diamond ore into lava
  • Mining straight tunnels when you want to do other things at the same time
  • Mining straight branches from your tunnels
  • Mining straight tunnels for your minecart tracks or cables
  • Mining a room by mining straight tunnels alongside each other
  • Mining straight tunnels into your friends' houses (don't, it counts as griefing and is against server rules)
  • Anything involving mining straight tunnels
  • lel

Needed: Mining turtle, a doctorate in computer sciences

  1. Place your mining turtle down anywhere.
  2. Right-click the turtle to open up the prompt.
  3. Give it a name by typing in "label set <name>" into the prompt and hitting enter. This will a. help you identify your turtle and b. allow it to keep its installed programs and fuel.
  4. Import the program by typing in "pastebin get musJT4cB test1" into the prompt and hitting enter. This will import the program into your turtle with the name "test1". You can change the name to whatever you want.
  5. Break and pick up your turtle. If you have labelled it correctly, it should keep the program.
  6. Place a chest (any type of chest works) on the ground where you want to start.
  7. Place your mining turtle above the chest (can be done by holding shift and right-clicking the top of the chest)
  8. Start the program by opening the prompt, typing in "test1" (or whatever name you've given the program) and hitting enter)
  9. Follow the instructions in the program.
  10. ????
  11. Profit!!!

You can relocate your turtle by repeating step 5 onwards.

If you think the turtle is functioning incorrectly/doing something wrong/faffing about, you can stop it by opening the prompt and holding Ctrl+T to terminate the program. What's your feedback on this? Is it useful? What are you using it for? Is there anything more that you want to be added to this?

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Server Founder
Server Founder
I want the turtle to be able to mine a straight tunnel. Is this possible?

Jonnoiscooler: Founder of BanterCraft and Forum Co-founder


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Jonnoiscooler wrote:I want the turtle to be able to mine a straight tunnel. Is this possible?

No sorry, it doesn't do that.

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