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Behold the Science Tower

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1Behold the Science Tower Empty Behold the Science Tower on Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:56 pm


Tree Puncher
What had started as a "lets not make a giant cobblestone monstrosity that nobody can bring themselves to hate" project, I decided that in order to do copious amounts of science you need a cool tower, and a lot of space. I made this with all these points in mind, with lava fountain and cool horn thingies at the top for that added sinister effect (guys, its ME after all).

Behold the Science Tower FIJwD05
The idea hadn't really gotten its legs at this point. I just needed a big wall to keep the ghoulies out.
Behold the Science Tower Of8Mkxw
Finished work! That hole is where I sent Angus to Purgatory and couldnt fish him out afterward (sorry about that)
Behold the Science Tower Lk5Bxcv
What can I say, I like imposing towers
Behold the Science Tower Q5Mq7sX
Behold the Science Tower ALHRU2I
Behold the Science Tower MQE9csA
The inside remains suitably unchanged from that old wooden shack
Behold the Science Tower KrKcXBk
I hope you like trees, because now we sleep with them. Yes that's a real thing, its on youtube.

2Behold the Science Tower Empty Re: Behold the Science Tower on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:44 am


Server Founder
Server Founder
This is awesome! But for the records, I was a fan of your cobble complexes, I seriously thought you were the only one who could pull it off, and it was always awesome.

Nice pictures as well, but for the record, take screen-shots at the default Minecraft window size, because most full screen sizes don't fit in the forum boarders, lol!

Jonnoiscooler: Founder of BanterCraft and Forum Co-founder

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