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Mod Spotlight: Factorization

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1Mod Spotlight: Factorization Empty Mod Spotlight: Factorization on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:57 pm


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Server Moderator
Hey guys, I've been messing around in creative singleplayer with a few blocks from the Factorization mod.
After a bit of testing as I am exploring new ways to process ores, I have these findings to present to you. (I'm going to assume you all know about Applied Energistics and their Matter-Energy Networks)
Behold, Exhibit A:

Mod Spotlight: Factorization CN3iwG3

I will do my best to explain everything in this picture, however if you still have any more (relevant) questions, feel free to ask them Smile

Factorization uses its own type of power called Charge, similar to EU in IndustrialCraft, MJ in BuildCraft and Volts in RedPower. The only way to generate Charge in Tekkit Lite is with a Steam Turbine or by using an Energy Bridge (which can convert any type of power from one mod into another). Every block in Factorization that uses charge can transfer it, like in RedPower.

The Steam Turbine, as its name suggests, uses steam to generate charge.
But where does steam come from?
Steam is generated in a Water Boiler. The Water Boiler needs two things to produce steam: Water and Heat.
 Water can be sucked in from or pumped in to the bottom side of the boiler, so you can either create an infinite water source underneath the boiler or use Waterproof Pipes, Fluid Pipes or Liquiducts to pump in water.
 Heat is supplied by Reflective Mirrors. They concentrate light and heat onto the Water Boiler; more mirrors leads to more water being boiled, more steam being produced and thus more Charge generated for your machines. Mirrors can be placed a maximum of 8 blocks from the Boiler and need a direct line of sight to the sky above and to the Boiler - any blocks including transparent ones like glass and other mirrors will stop them from working.
 Steam is outputted through the top of the Water Boiler, so you place a Steam Turbine directly on top of the Boiler; but, Steam is treated as a liquid by the game - you can pump it through pipes or store it in tanks. In Factorization, Steam and Water can also pass upwards through stacked Water Boilers, meaning that you can create larger Solar Power generators like this one:

Mod Spotlight: Factorization DpnkBCi
Here the person has stacked 8 boilers on top of each other, using different rings of Mirrors to make a large dish shape. They have also pumped in the water using Fluid Pipes and pumped out Steam from the top with Liquiducts.

In my own setup I've only used a single ring of Mirrors. I use an infinite water source to supply water for simplicity and Steam is pumped into an Ender Tank on top of the Boiler:

Mod Spotlight: Factorization 156Tw6O

The Steam comes out of another Ender Tank to supply four adjacent Steam Turbines which supply power to the machines. You can use other equally effective ways to teleport liquids; Liquid Tesseracts and Waterproof Phased Pipes do the same job, but I prefer Ender Tanks as they're less buggy.
Mod Spotlight: Factorization OD1L6gj
Next to the Turbines are Battery Boxes, which store a certain amount of Charge. You can see their current levels by right clicking them with a Charge Meter or by looking at the yellow vertical bars on their sides. Currently these boxes are empty because they're hooked up to a thousand machines, so you won't see any bars on their sides. The boxes are connected to some a ton of machines to the right through Lead Wire.

That's all for now, later on I will come back to answer much-asked questions such as:
What is that box with the solar panel?
What is that huge wall of blocks?
What are those blocks with fans inside them?
What are those furnaces doing? What are those orange spiral blocks next to them?
What are those blocks with water inside them?
What are those black-purple blocks?
Why is Hexus_One so damn attractive?
What are those wooden blocks?

<GOZZAH>Even when Hexus stole from my house the moment he walked into the village, I don't think that he stole Ed's bricks.

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But why is Hexus_One so damn attractive?

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