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Ed's Science Show: Cubic RF Geothermal Generator

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Tree Puncher
Hi Kiddos,
today I've been screwing around with RF systems, something quite new to me as of this morning, but I've learned quite a bit over time, which led me to this design:

Using either an RF Cell as the center block, or a cable of your choosing, you can feed up to Five (or maybe six but I'll explain why not, later in the Design Update)
I don't know the exact numbers of how much a single unit can output, I will edit this later to confirm.

One of the advantages of this design is that it can be built Isometrically, as in, in a constantly expanding pattern of 5 units connected to the one cable, with 5 of those connected to another cable, and so on, allowing for really safe, large-scale power generation (if compared to a reactor, which isn't safe, not really).

5x Geomatic Dynamos
1x RF Cell/1x RF Cable
8x Waterproof Pipes

NOTE: The photos show pieces of cobblestone attached to the design, those are placeholders until I acquire more Invar in order to build the remaining Dynamos; eventually, there will be 5 attached.

Highly Space Efficient setup, using very basic materials
Good mid-game device, if you don't have anything advanced to move on to and need some bulky power usage
Lava :3

Requires 55 invar, with all dynamos installed, this will be the most challenging part of the design if playing on Survival
Is extremely lava-intensive on whatever lava system you have, if one person is building one, it should be fine. If five people are building one, good luck son.
Will never be as awesome as the guy who designed it.

I will be posting more photos later, of the design in Singleplayer, to show how it's built and how it can be used in an Isometric Design.

2 RF Geothermal Generator: Design Update on Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:42 pm


Tree Puncher
I'm usually prone to lying, (or am I) about making an update for these kinds of things, but not today:

Look, I'm not sure how to make it more obvious how to build these things. If you genuinely have issues figuring out how to cover 5 out of 6 faces of a cube, I have some bad news for you *Sitcom Laugh Track*.
Some Cross-sectional stuff here:

And for the more wealthy, or for anyone who hates Lava and want every last Litre pumped from the nether, a look at the Isometric Design.
It's built similarly to the singular unit, but instead of Dynamos, it's 5 whole units (that's a lot of lava).

This Episode of Ed's Science show was brought to you by Professor Squid:


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