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Blockland - That game where you build stuff

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1 Blockland - That game where you build stuff on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:16 pm


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Forum Founder
Some of you guys may have heard me chattering away about this game called

Its a game where you build stuff

Its pretty epic, it has SUPER high quality.

Dedicated (Server)

over 400 bricks of all shapes and sizes

Vehicles, Bots (AI's) Customisable Avatar (without downloading)

HD Texture pack (yeah thats right, no more Pixels)

and only $20.00 for a LIFE TIME account.

Over 30,000 Players

Over 10,000 Clans

INFINITE possible Avatar creations

Events (Make blocks do stuff with out touching them)

SIMPLE FOR ADDING MODS! (that means no compressing and no tutorials, DAMN RIGHT DRAG AND DROP)

And i would LOVE it if you guys could play too...



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