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Are we killing people too hastily?

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1 Are we killing people too hastily? on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:57 pm


Tree Puncher
Earlier on today, on the server, I noticed:
That we kill people too suddenly.

Incident - anyone else involved may post their opinions here too.

Getting out of the Nether appears to take you to the RiverWood portal.
Whether you like it or not, that is where you end up. I find myself here after
being in the Nether, still in a "conversation" with GOZZAH. I say hi to Jonnoiscooler.
Residents there say - please get out. I press F3, to get a coordinate bearing so I know
where home is. Then I get killed by Jonnoiscooler.

What I see is: 1) I could have told them why I was standing there (which I did after I died, a bit too late.).
2) They should have at least given me warning of 10 secs, so I would know.
3) Why is everyone so pedantic about their village? If I was greefing, I would understand the reaction.

Explain, please.

Oh - old KOS rules apply remember - you should have announced KOS on me before.

2 Re: Are we killing people too hastily? on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:49 pm


Server Founder
Server Founder
I seem to remember that i said get out now or i will kill, I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean, stand there for 10 seconds getting coords and then slowly walking off, it means get out now or we will kill.Also wether you thought it was unfair or not, i gave you a warning, which what you have just told me stated that you clearly understood, and that warning was m saying get out NOW not in 10 SECONDS! so therefore I think that it was reasonable, no matter if the call was hasty or not, you had a clear warning. I think you were lucky we decided to give your tuff back because you did have a very clearly stated warning.

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