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Random Tekkit Lite Tips

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1 Random Tekkit Lite Tips on Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:53 am


Server Moderator
Server Moderator
These are just random things that I've picked up to make my tekkiting life much easier:

  • Sawmills will process wood into 6 planks rather than 4
  • They can also process rubberwood into planks and resin
  • Hardened glass is stronger than reinforced glass; you only need 2 layers to stop a nuke
  • Buildcraft oil has the same blast resistance as vanilla water, so you can use a single layer to completely stop a nuke
  • Factorization routers are amazing for controlling masses of machines at once (will explain later)

Anyone got any other tips? Post them here Smile

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2 Re: Random Tekkit Lite Tips on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:56 pm


Server Founder
Server Founder
Yeah, a few things I'v discovered:

  • Advanced IC2 machines are really efficient. but in most cases, their non-advanced counterpart can process faster with enough overclockers, even if the advanced machine had overclockers.
  • You can change IC2 info panel's screen info by making a "colour upgrade".
  • left clicking a scaffold with another scaffold will place a scaffold on the next highest available space, meaning you can quickly construct towers by just left clicking the bottom scaffold a lot of times.
  • Construction foam will replace scaffolds without overflowing, making for efficient and controlled spraying, and you get your scaffolding back.
  • Glass fiber cable crafting can yield 6 instead of 4 if you replace the redstone with silver, making diamond consumption a lot more efficient.
  • Igneous extruders are infinite cobble generators in the space of one, small block.
  • Crafting all scrap into scrap-boxes will save space while keeping all of the amplifying effect inside of a mass fab.
  • Don't pump more then HV into a mass fab! It explodes violently.

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